About Sadanand Sweets

the king of sweets


In 1965, Mr. Shankar Devarmani started a small tea stall in the market place of Gokak. After running this business for a few years, he collected enough funds to construct a small hotel near the bus stand in the center of the city. However, the sales were not good as there was nothing special to offer.

Mr. Devarmani then introduced a snack called Sangeet, similar to bhel, which became a hit among the locals. The hotel started selling 1000 to 1200 plates of Sangeet per day. Another popular item was Chapati Usal, which was a breakfast specialty.

In 1970, Mr. Devarmani decided to prepare and sell Kardant, a special delicacy of Gokak town that was only available in a few shops. He learned the recipe from his business friends and started selling Kardant, initially selling only 2-4 kg per day.

Mr. Devarmani then had an innovative idea of producing two different qualities of Kardant, making Sadanand sweets the first sweet mart to do so in Gokak. This move increased the popularity of Sadanand sweets, and sales grew from 4 kg per day to 10-12 kg per day. Mr. Devarmani also began preparing other sweets such as Ladagi Ladu, Dink Ladu, Kunda, and Milk barfi.

The sales continued to increase, and the Devarmani family began to market their product by distributing Kardant to different shops. Sadanand sweets became the first shop in Gokak to have its Kardant available in different places. The Devarmani brothers, Mr. Uday and Mr. Sanjay, joined the business and helped expand the sales of Kardant to different cities like Belgaum, Hubli, and Dharwad.

The success of Sadanand sweets was due to the quality of their products and the love they showed for their customers. They never compromised on the quality and maintained the same taste and consistency of their products. This dedication to quality and customer satisfaction was the driving force behind their success.